What Do You Like To Hear About?

The positive or the negative?

There are two aspects to spiritual teachings on consciousness; the goal, and that which prevents us from scoring the goal. If we don’t know how to play with the ball, we’ll never score!

We all want to hear that, in reality, we are enlightened beings – brilliant footballers! – so is that all we need to know? It’s only when we can be precise in acknowledging that which prevents this realisation that enlightenment can occur.

If we only want to hear good things, we are malfunctioning within our belief system. The very acknowledgement of an obstacle means that we can then clear it. In spiritual terms, these obstacles don’t exist; they belong to belief. Being able to acknowledge obstacles is the way in which we become spiritual engineers/scientists/psychologists/doctors/reliable friends who can empathise.

Only wanting to hear good things is the devil’s work.
Knowing how the devil works is the good thing.

β€œThe devil is our own likes and dislikes
waiting in ambush.”
-Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Meditation isn’t to make us feel good.
We meditate in order to acknowledge we are awareness itself.

Then we know – and knowing is satisfying!

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