Oh No, Not “Happiness Is Within” … Again!

We have heard this time and time again,
but still we search for contentment.

Because it’s too simple, too ordinary.

Our true being is ordinary, without special or distinctive features. It is natural and normal openness. Pure consciousness. We are complete in this simple ordinariness.

Ordinary: from Latin ordinarius ‘orderly’, what is commonplace or standard.

This orderliness is common place because we are pure consciousness that is naturally happy, knowing and kind. Although we all be the same pure consciousness, but our expression is unique.

Still, we can recognise our oneness, our ordinary ‘gold standard’. We cannot love without it. When we see others’ expression as different, we lack love.

All through the ages, teachers have reiterated this same message. This is because wisdom recognises that the world within which we live has been led astray. The world hasn’t fallen into chaos; it has been designed that way by unscrupulous people who only want power, and who deceive us to buy into their trickery. Taking sides, we become divided from our true nature of happiness, and we do the deceivers work for them. Fantasies and elaborate spiritual goals are promoted, constantly causing doubt; we become confused and go off centre!

How would we recognise ordinary?
We have to be one to know one.

In true meditation, there is neither meditator nor meditation,
but just ordinariness, free of doubt.

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