Is This Or Isn’t This Pure Consciousness?”

Our problem is that we just make do, when we should be making do and mending.

How do we mend? Because spiritual teachings (or Dharma) are not being fully explained – or we aren’t listening properly 🙂 – we are left with a spanner in our works; confusion in our mind. We doubt, but make do with questions that go unanswered. We receive generalisations (set pieces) that lack insight. Actually, we have to answer our own questions in the end, as that is our process, and no one is going to do this for us.

How do I know pure consciousness is pure consciousness? This goes straight to the crux of the matter.

It is through our personal practice and experience that genuine questions arise. Emotional upsets and theoretical questions are relative concerns, and are for a therapist. Here, we are talking about consciousness itself – our very nature that can be proven and, in fact, solves all our problems. To understand this, we have to be on the verge. If there is a relative doubt about the whole process, we are not ready for this step into the unknown.

In awareness meditation, consciousness becomes aware of consciousness. It finds nothing except consciousness, but a slight doubt occurs, an uncertainty; “Is this pure consciousness?” We aren’t completely confident. There is neither knowing nor not knowing; neither existence nor non-existence. It’s like opening a door or looking through a window; we scan the scene. Seeing is present, but we aren’t sure yet what we are seeing.

That is it.
Pure consciousness is like that.
It’s not captured by the glue of projections yet.

It’s an in-between state of knowing and not knowing. Why? Feeling confident that “This is it!” is a duality – a just ‘off’, not-so-perfect purity (which is a good state, and part of the process).

It is in knowing unknowingness that knowingness actually occurs.
A slight uncertainty in the experience is fully transparent.
This is how we make do and mend the mind with clarity.

Emptiness sees through everything:
all our projections
– and even itself.

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