Hiding Behind A Mask Or Label

In hiding behind a mask, we create a persona – a de-personalised reality which is a conformity to a type. This persona is a subconscious inhibitor. We keep ordinary consciousness happy by feeding it the dopamine effect (the main chemical of pleasure or reward) while, at the same time, the subconscious is infiltrated with subliminal ideas and we become addicted to political correct-mess. 

Obviously we see the manipulation … but we still do it. We have become submissive by consenting to obscure consciousness, and our perception changes as a result. This training reframes perception and alters personality with a mindset replacement. Becoming dependent lowers IQ. Is education – or a lack of it – screening for certain labels?

Spiritual awareness sees through all this confusion. Meditation is clarity training, undoing the mask. We train in order to have courage to deal with the shock of seeing what’s going on, and how – the dopamine effect – is working on people.

Through all pain and pleasure,
pure consciousness is always present 
and absolutely reliable.

Take at look and see today.
Meditation only takes a moment for us to break free.
Once free, we can stay free.

There is nowhere to hide.
Pure consciousness is always present, 
has no need to hide.

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