Self-conscious: Uncomfortable, embarrassed, or worried about what people think about us. 

Being self-conscious inhibits our potential to evolve and our ability to empathise, because it’s ‘all about me’. Despite appearing to be confident, we actually lack confidence, but it’s still all about me, self, I, ego.

Pride – and inverted pride – can make us aggressive. People talk much, and say nothing. It’s like a maze from which we can never escape. The “gift of the gab” is the ability to speak easily – while saying nothing. It’s a verbal conjuring trick to transfer focus on to some thing, and it’s all a front, a mask. Politicians and hypnotists know all about this trick.

True confidence only comes from knowing our essential nature, our essence, which is pure consciousness that cannot be created or destroyed. 

We don’t need a self-conscious projection. 
We need to know the light of that projection, which is consciousness itself.
Our true nature.

It’s nothing to be uncomfortable or embarrassed about. 


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