Improving Meditation

How do we improve meditation?
By continually dropping it.

We may feel that we must stay fixed and focused: this can cause subtle tension as we become too tight. Too loose causes us to be vacant and wander off. These two issues open us up to being even more distracted, and we feel we’re not good enough, and that we’re a fake.

Whatever occurs, leave it alone.

Don’t believe it.
Drop it.
Drop all of it.
Come to an end … and relax.
That’s it!

Tightening up again?
Drop it.
It’s like that.

The surprising thing is that we all know this. We want to get ‘better’ at meditation, so we try too hard. Holding an idea in our mind about what we should be doing is exhausting. Our attitude to meditation is created by what we have seen others do, which is a pity. It’s still all about me; my method, my tradition, my special cushion.

Beyond meditation, there are no rules and no traditions. Beyond all that, there is neither meditator nor meditation. There is freedom from all. Holding on to the meditation will have the opposite effect of binding us.

The world around wants us to continue dreaming its dreams, its traditions. In meditation, we are free in the moment of seeing. We have always been free.

Meditation isn’t a lifestyle; it’s not a ‘thing’.
It’s a know-thing,

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