Do We Want Everyone To Be Happy?

Well, yes, of course we do … hmm … and yet … ?

If we are all happy with our lot, we will stay as we are, “living the dream”. To love our servitude was the theme of Aldous Huxley’s book, Brave New World.

The Buddha rightly said that the first step to enlightenment was admitting that we are dissatisfied and suffering due to our dream-self identity, our self worth, our allotted place in the world.

Confusion and malpractice are the reasons that Dzogchen is relevant at this time in world history. Dzogchen is the Tibetan teaching that we are pure consciousness, known as Rigpa.

It is through dissatisfaction that we ascend the levels. A teaching may be satisfying at a moment in time, but then gradually, doesn’t seem so complete to us, although it is complete according to that level or approach.

In our hearts, we are all one, but in the mind, we have our own confusions and doubts, and feel uncomfortable with our allotted place.

Not all of us are comfortable relying on devotion.
Not all of us are comfortable relying on direct wisdom.

If we rely on conditions, our happiness will be dependent.
Happiness that does not reply on conditions will be independent.

Our perfect teacher is our own reactions.

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