What Is … Advanced Meditation???

The word ‘meditation’ means to focus the mind, to stop it wandering so that it can come to rest in pure clarity – so that we come to rest in pure clarity. It is a technique to realise the only reality that never changes.

Once realisation takes place, we then drop both the meditation and the realisation. The techniques of meditation are just a reminder that pure clarity is present. The ultimate goal of meditation is non-meditation, where there is no duality of ‘meditator’ and ‘meditation’.

Non-meditation is just empty cognisance. Barely being. We cannot get more advanced than that.

All we can do is become more and more familiar with empty cognisance being ever-present, until we never forget. That is the practice; not forgetting.

We only ‘meditate’ when we forget, and then drop the meditation. It is dropping the meditation that is advanced. If we doubt what we naturally are, we may end up doubting for ever more. Been there, done that.

Meditation is doing nothing.
How hard can that be?

We now realise for how long we have been led astray into elaborations of being. The shock is realising our co-operative of mental displacement that removes contentment from the mind. In other words, our search for happiness displaces the happiness that has always been present.

Happiness is not what we think.
Happiness is the relief of being released from the anxiety of belief.

The result of perfect meditation is realising
that we have always been happy
= positive well being.

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