Do We Binge On Teachings?
Do they become a distraction?

Is such an approach actually lazy,
obscuring genuine, personal experience
where there are no doubts?

If there are no doubts,
we know what we’re doing.
We drop the teaching and just live it.
It’s not something we carry around.

If we find the teachings exciting and want more,
we don’t realise that we’re going over old ground again and again.
This causes doubt because we lack direct, genuine experience.

Direct experience is merely being in the immediate moment now,
dealing with whatever presents itself.

There is just the spontaneous presence of pure consciousness.,
without reliance on the past.

Pure consciousness is quite ordinary,
but we miss this in favour of the exotic
– the mystical, cultural element.
That being so, the teachers oblige us with stories.

Once we know the essence of the teachings,
anyone can become a teacher.
Who gives the teacher the authority to teach?
We do.
But this relationship is not based on sentimentality:
we re-cognise what we have always known.

Always looking for a new, provocative approach – oh wonder!
we become our own teacher.

We already know.
We are walking, talking Dharma.
What obscures this knowingness is the add-ons.

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