Damned By Distractions

We are damned by distractions.
This is why we meditate
– to recognise that we are the clarity of consciousness.

Distraction: A thing that prevents someone from concentrating.
Distraction: A disturbance, intrusion, interference, obstruction, hindrance.
Distraction: Amusement, entertainment, diversion, pastime, recreation,
hobby, game, leisure pursuit.
Distraction: Bewilderment, befuddlement, perplexity, confusion, disturbance, agitation.

We do not have to be scholars to know the absolute truth of reality. We just have to know that pure consciousness is always present, and that we do not have to do anything to know this because we already are pure consciousness.

Meditation is doing nothing, resting in non-dual, wakeful awareness.

“But I am awake!”
Yes, the I is awake, but as in a dream, and this dream is the distraction.
In absolute reality, ‘awake’ is consciousness conscious of being pure consciousness.

Due to distractions, we lose the ability to concentrate.
Due to meditation, we realise our precise reality.

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