When Do You Draw The Line?

When do you draw the line in your life and say,
“This is not right. I cannot accept this. I have to do something about it”?

We may not agree with others, but we can see they are unhappy,
so there is no point in arguing.
We just have to ask ourselves, “What can I do to help?”

Seeing suffering is what made the Buddha question everything.
It was his first noble truth on the path to enlightenment –
the admission that there is suffering.

The second noble truth is realising the cause of suffering.
The third is finding a way that brings an end to suffering.
The fourth is treading that path.

“What is the system?”
Correct meditation.

“Is there an incorrect meditation?”
No one became enlightened through meditating.
They became enlightened through dropping the meditation.

“So we don’t have to meditate?”
We do have to meditate
The first stage of meditation is focusing.
The next stage is being aware of focusing, and realising that there is a duality.
The final stage is dropping being aware, and just being.
That is non-duality.

“And what was the cause of suffering?”
A belief in a mental concept of self,
instead of realisation of our ultimate reality of pure awareness.

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