Feeling Wobbly?

When there is general anxiety in the population, and people feel psychologically and spiritually disconnected from their essence and purpose, they are ripe for exploitation. 

This is social engineering at work, when everything seems chaotic and confusing, and there is a constant state of mistrust. We become separated from each other, and feel less grounded.

This will only stop when our minds can no longer be exploited.

Meditation frees us, as long as we don’t use meditation just to feel good. That sort of meditation becomes an antidote, and antidotes are just a temporary measure because that sense of not feeling good keeps coming back.

Proper meditation is letting go of the meditation, and of doing meditation. Proper meditation is merely being aware that pure consciousness is always present. Pure, non-dual consciousness is the realisation of the empty nature of whatever takes place. ‘Emptiness’ may sound scary, but it refers to the non-contamination of experience.

When we are grounded, we can no longer wobble.

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