Lucifer, The Bringer Of Light

Lucifer: also known as Satan.
Lucifer: The Bringer Of Light?

It all depends on one’s point of view. The first noble truth of the Buddha is admitting that we are suffering/dissatisfied/fed up, and that we are in darkness.

‘Satan’ or the ‘Devil’ means to plot against.
Late Latin and Greek from Hebrew śāṭān, literally ‘adversary’, from śāṭan ‘plot against’.

Our dark side – our likes and dislikes – is the plotter, and we became that way because we lost the light. When the dark is brought to our attention and we acknowledge it, we are on the path to enlightenment.

Lucifer does not exist. It is merely the absence of light. Thank you, Satan! Those who believe in power over others expose their Luciferian side. In this terrible age of conflict, machinations and plots, this activity is so obvious that we will awaken to the light.

If we think we are in the light, we are in darkness.
If we think we are in darkness, we are in light!

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  1. captmccoy says:

    The way I understood it is Lucifer and Satan are not the same person

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anything that we believe in, doesn’t have any true existence, it merely casts a shadow of distraction in the mind.


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