It’s A Very Tricky, Sticky, Clever Dicky World

Are we born suckers, or are suckers made?
If we are not prepared to ask this question,
we will not be willing to investigate.

Sucker: a person who believes everything they are told, and is therefore easy to deceive. To like something so much that you cannot refuse it or judge its real value.

How to make a sucker:
First, confuse them with distractions.
Note how easily they are deceived
and will believe anything,
passing this ‘gift’, this belief, on to others.

How not to be a sucker:
Realise that we are already sucked in.
We are free in the moment of seeing.

If we think we aren’t suckers, we’re suckers.
If we know we’re suckers, we’re not.

It’s a very tricky, sticky, clever-dicky world out there.

Clever dick: a person who is irritatingly and ostentatiously knowledgeable 

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