Life Is Great The Way It Is

That’s a strange thing to say, when the world view is not based on truth, but on beliefs. Truth is like space; many things can happen within it, but space remains exactly the same, never changing.

At the right time, we will see this as absolutely true. Truth has no origin. It just is, and it has been known for a very, very long time. It is universal, and space is infinite and timeless. Truth goes by many names, but it is just pure consciousness. It’s what we are.

The way the world is is how we learn. Others may not see life in this way, preferring to become involved in this and that, but they too are learning slowly.

Eternity and heaven have nothing do with time. Heaven is here right now. If we don’t realise that heaven is here, we will not get it somewhere else. We have to face the world of suffering and collective confusion, because suffering is the human condition as we do not realise our origin. We may find a lesson difficult but, with perseverance, we will finally understand. Eureka!

This manifestation of collective confusion is an expression of our collective ignorance, our collective karma. This is also our teacher. We only think we don’t know, when knowingness (pure consciousness) is already present, acknowledging the mind that’s thinking it doesn’t know. Crazy!

It is obvious that the Buddha received Vedic teachings, and then realised them to be our true nature. In Sanskrit, this realisation is called Sat-Chit-Ananda = being-consciousness-bliss, or the clear-light-of bliss, or emptiness-consciousness-unconfined compassion.

We realise the cause of suffering when we realise that we are Sat-Chit-Ananda that downgraded into desire, aversion and ignorance, and we lost our freedom.

We have been led by the nose into a mental hell, when heaven has been here all the while, waiting for us to acknowledge it and the life that we ought to be living. The life we are living now teaches us to re-cognise our true reality. Appearances and recognition are simultaneous. Sat-Chit-Ananda is, in other words, Dharmakaya-Sambhogakaya-Nirmanakaya.

Can you see where the Buddha’s realisation came from?
When we live in the light, all the dark goes away.
When we all live in the light, all the dark goes away.

When truth is turned into a belief, 
we lose our freedom. 

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