There Is Always A Problem To Solve

The dictionary may say that a problem is something unwelcome; that’s not so. A problem is a moment of inquiry starting from a given condition to investigate natural laws, thereby resolving that problem. It’s quite inspiring and exhilarating – a eureka moment!

Knowing is joy.
Not knowing is ignorance.
Believing is nonsense.

People are a problem; they too need investigating 🙂 Investigating the laws that govern people is truly illuminating as they are the same laws that govern us as an individual. The great secret to it all is that we can know the ultimate reality of those laws. If we go deep enough, we realise that we are those laws!

“Only those who risk going too far
can possibly find out how far one can go.”
T.S Elliot

We have become judgemental reactionaries because of the laws that govern us; from that standpoint, we see everything as a problem. There are three gross, negative emotions or laws that influence our behaviour: desire, aversion and indifference. Just look and see. We usually jump in and judge, before noting that there is simply consciousness present which has gone unnoticed. That’s the problem that causes us to see problems everywhere, and it is because of this imbalance that nothing gets resolved.

On an ultimate level, these same three gross negative emotions are wisdom laws. In Buddhism, these are known as ’emptiness’, ‘consciousness’ and ‘compassion’. The word ’emptiness’ indicates the uncontaminated quality of consciousness, and consciousness that is naturally aware has compassion through understanding of these three qualities. We lack compassion only because we misunderstand our true nature, which is pure, compassionate consciousness.

Desire downgrades Emptiness:
Emptiness is our pure state, but desire contaminates this pure space.

Aversion downgrades Consciousness:
When consciousness forgets its purity, it judges and creates likes and dislikes that separate us from others.

Indifference downgrades Compassion:
Through judgement, consciousness lacks empathy and thus we remain divided.

The moment we recognise the negative emotions,
the wisdoms arise.

Don’t get angry.
Get even … get balanced!

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