Turning Heart’s Desire Into Mind’s Desire

This is what demonic minds do; they turn our pure heart into the desire of mind and body, diverting us from realising our enlightened essence (which is the same enlightened essence of everyone else). It’s done subtly by playing on our hopes and fears, and we become distracted.

We need to bring mind back on track constantly. Our heart’s desire is goodwill towards everyone, with a wish to share inner peace, contentment and wisdom with others.

But what happens? We get carried away with fame and gain, and we lose inner sanity. We lose good intention. The internet is full of clever, charismatic ‘influencers’ who turn our minds to this and that, but divert our attention subtly away from pure essence of consciousness. They make it into an institution, and engender partisanship – our group is better then your group.

And the true heart that we had at the beginning goes out of the window! We thought that whatever we did would benefit everyone but alas, it only benefits the group.

We become hooked on the feelings of our mind and body. Whatever we see or hear etc arouses us, and we’re carried away. Our demonic side knows our weaknesses before we are aware of them; the brain ‘lights up’ in a similar way to brand-awareness, and our sub-conscious is aroused before we are even aware of this arousal. Anyone who takes advantage of others’ gullibilities uses this process.

What we do not notice is that the senses are, in fact, non-conceptual. In the first instant, we weren’t carried away – consciousness merely perceived. We may assume (incorrectly) that, because something is seen or heard, thinking is present. Not at all. In that moment, which is now, nothing is going on but pure perception, pure consciousness … and we miss it every time.

When it is acknowledged that the senses are non-conceptual,
the mind is non-conceptual
and consciousness is non-conceptual.

That is the pure, inner peace and happiness that we seek.
We, as pure consciousness, are non-conceptual
That is our good heart.
Take it back.

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