Someone’s Turned The Crazy Knob Up?

Er … no.

The world has always been this way.
We just suddenly noticed.

It’s like meditation; our thoughts and emotions seem to get worse. They haven’t. We’ve just become more aware of them.

Realisation isn’t about knowing more. It is being released from the clouds of our ignorance. We live in precarious bubbles, believing the exaggerations issuing from others’ precarious bubbles, and that is why we’re surprised when the unexpected happens. It’s only a surprise because we believed life to be what others believed it to be. Crazy 😀

The Illusion Of Evidence-Based Science

Consciousness isn’t what scientists are telling us.
It isn’t a decision-maker interacting with its environment.
That is the A.I. idea; the illusion of limited understanding and experience.

The evidence lies in meditation.
We realise that which is present before a decision is made
– and that is pure consciousness.

Decisions are well down the line of actual experience,
and usually rely on treasured hypotheses.

Hypothesis – a supposition on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

Can Realisation Come Too Late?

No, but it will be more painful.

What Have We Realised?

Things aren’t crazy at all.

Consciousness is rarely mentioned by anyone.
It feels as if there is a deliberate attempt
to keep humanity’s consciousness out of sight.

In this way, humanity lost its freedom –
and it’s crazy to think we can’t escape.

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