Stimulation & Boredom

Being trained to be stimulated, we are easily bored, and driven to seek out more stimulation.

This process suppresses inner enquiry and inner peace. Get people to be excited about politics, sport, fashion, sex, celebrities, foreign antics … and we won’t question what’s happening in our own lives, and why we do what we do.

We become an expert in everything else but ourselves.
It’s what the media promotes. 😀

Governments employ this trick; the magical art of directing our attention away from the action. Religions can do the same thing – all form and no empathetic psychology.

We may become jaded at some time, with a feeling of going round in circles. The faithful encourage us to carry on at times like that, and this is a great mistake. There is always a reason for losing interest, and it’s part of the enlightened process – if there is the right support. We are moving up the Yanas/levels. As one door closes, another opens: when everything becomes predictable, this is an indication that it is time to move on.

Losing interest, we get bored. It is at that point that we can either become depressed and seek other stimulation, or begin our journey to enlightenment … our journey to no-where … now-here!

I speak as someone who did get no-where – until I gave up the form, the groupthink.

Meditation is pure boredom. Not interesting at all. Nothing doing. It is now that life becomes interesting. Because consciousness is empty of stimuli, everything is brilliantly clear. Sounds, smells, light, taste, touch – sensuality is direct.

There is no time to claim any of this, as everything takes its place. To keep the tap running, don’t turn off!

If the mind is full of opinions and interesting facts,
it does not see what is actually in front of it.

Inspiration is abundant.
The secret is dropping it all and returning to cool boredom.

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