Compassion For Dzogchen Practitioners

The most challenging kind of compassion is towards those who assume that they are Dzogchen practitioners. Dzogchen is the ultimate reality of pure consciousness, accompanied by ultimate compassion-for-all. Many dive in and attend Dzogchen courses, but few come to the surface 😀

No compassion, no Dzogchen.
Know Dzogchen, know compassion.

Of course, this will upset those who assume that they are Dzogchen – which proves they aren’t Dzogchen … yet. They aren’t Dzogchen because they judge as if on a lower path. Incidentally, there are those who might assume they are on a lower path, when in fact they are Dzogchen.

Not to worry.
The moment that we realise we are not Dzogchen,
we are!
It’s sort of magic.

Now we can come on to the Vajrayana/tantric practitioners.
Bunch of clowns.

Our reaction at this very moment
indicates where we are in the evolutionary scale

😀 😀 😀

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