Is 9.7 Billion People Too Many?

It all depends on how we see this world of potential.

Political people are excessively concerned with power.
Materialistic people are excessively concerned with possessions.
Intellectual people are excessively concerned with intellect.
Religious people are excessively concerned with dogma.
Spiritual people are excessively concerned with their inner welfare.
Ordinary people are excessively concerned with their lives.
Concerned people are excessively concerned about all of the above. 😀

The more the people, the more crises occur. The more people become dissatisfied, the more people can start their inner journey. The Dzogchen teachings – a direct realisation of the nature of consciousness – are right for this age.

When people are so-called ‘happy’ – in a charmed dependency – they will just accept their limitations, and the Dzogchen teaching will go back into hiding; something else will take its place until the time is right again.

The Dzogchen teachings are direct realisation of the true nature of reality – no dogma involved. The elite like dogma as they can then tell us that God is a mystery for us to believe in (oh, and by the way, God told us to tell you to wear a hat … 🙂 ) We never saw the magicians switch the cards!

It all depends on how we see this world of potential.

A crowded room helps us navigate to the exit/freedom.
Once we realise there is an exit, we can happily go back
to share and enjoy this knowledge with others.

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