Know Thine Enemy

We will never find Mr. Devil as he’s too clever for that, but we can see the effect of his works within our own mind. There is a saying, “Know thy self”, but what is this self? It’s made of likes and dislikes … the stuff of Mr. Devil. We have already been infiltrated and got at! There are quite a few of Mr. Devil’s disciples out there.

To know thy self is to know thine enemy.
It’s that little voice that says,
“Don’t bother. Ignore – it’s someone else’s problem.”

We are not this self.
We are pure consciousness that silently witnesses,
before we went over to the dark side.

In any sort of war or conflict, we have to know our enemy, and their strengths and weaknesses. After all, our enemy is doing exactly that to us. This is the actual upside-down world in which we live. No wonder we’re confused! The internet and modern technology already recommend ‘things’ for us, before we know it.

Clear your cache and refresh your system.
‘Cache’ refers to things hidden or stored somewhere.

We clear our mind through meditation. This reveals the memories from which we form judgements, and impose those likes and dislikes on to situations, obscuring direct seeing and clogging up the system. This is the hidden enemy within.

Clearing your mind and refreshing your system
reveals the things that are hidden which interfere with direct seeing.

Know thine enemy;
know thy self by knowing that which is knowing.

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