We Do Have Free Will

We not only have free will, we are free will.
We are free spirits.

There are those who think we’re just consumers of twaddle, because most people are trapped in repetitive scenarios, and assume that they cannot change. Who fed them that idea?

This, in itself, proves that we have already been hacked, with unauthorized access through subliminal messages. To be blunt, we follow others, and therefore we do not use our free will.

When we realise that we are not this mind but consciousness itself, that is freedom from others’ fixations. Ascending the levels of realisation, we can see this clearly.

If we go a stage further through meditation, we discover that we are free will. We are pure consciousness that cannot be hacked – and never has been. That is our original freedom that no one can take away.

There are those whose meditation is incomplete; they misunderstand consciousness, thinking that the human mind can be hacked because we have already been trained to do as we’re told. This is feeding off human frailties, and shows a great lack of understanding and compassion.

We all have an enlightened essence;
we are free to think as we will.

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