Living In Reality, Or In A Dream?

When we connect directly to whatever presents itself, that is reality. Object and consciousness are one. Non-duality. Seeing the moon reflected in a pool, the moon, the reflection and consciousness are simultaneously one. Simple. That is the beauty of life. Incidentally, seeing shit in the toilet and consciousness are also one. Simple. It’s important to realise the yoga of one taste; seeing without discrimination.

If we start musing about the ‘Moon in June’, we’ve gone. This is the same as admiring poetic text or listening to erudite speeches – and forgetting that consciousness is reading and hearing. Beauty is in the consciousness, rather than in the I that is admiring something 😀

Truth is beauty, and our essential nature is ultimate truth. Admiring some thing brings short-term satisfaction, and is a distraction. Before admiration or appreciation is pure seeing. The ‘Moon in June’ is a distraction, a dream state.

Projecting our mind into the future or dwelling on the past is consciousness being entertained by the mind’s memories and sentimentalities. That is a duality. That is the dream.

The secret is to catch that moment,
rather than covering it up.

If we try and meditate perfectly with total concentration, blocking out all disturbances, we miss the dream-state of being occupied, or the oblivion of being vacant. We are merely in suspended animation; a temporary slowing of biological function so that physiological capabilities are preserved. According to Tulku Urgyen, when the Chinese invaded Tibet, many meditators were found in mountain caves in this suspended state, not knowing whether they were dead or alive.

For meditation to be practical, we (pure consciousness) watch the mind drift into thought; acknowledging that naturally brings consciousness back to pure consciousness.

Blocking thoughts is an antidote. It’s a temporary measure, where we are not dealing with the problems as they arise. This the same as thinking we can only meditate when the conditions are ‘right’. In seeing the cause of thought, we cut through directly, and leap over. This approach expresses itself in daily life where we can access reality and adapt, rather than switching off because the conditions aren’t right, and may be a little unpleasant.

Many meditators cannot deal with reality,
and just switch off.

This is the very opposite of what reality is all about.

There are many perfect meditators who sit perfectly … and lack empathy, and therefore compassion. Meditation is seeing what’s going on right now, bringing a situation back to equilibrium – not too tight and not too lose. Appearances and recognition are simultaneous. In just seeing, there is no failure!

The test:
free will without bias starts to appear,
and we can ­literally be of benefit to others.

Being responsible is being able to respond – to care.
When we care, the other is more important than us.

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