Where Are We At?

‘Direct recognition’ describes the moment when something is presented to us and we ‘get it’. Certain texts are like that – from personal experience,“The Lamp That Dispels Darkness” comes to mind. Because of direct recognition, practitioners have no need to meditate, but merely recognise. Meditation is still beneficial to counter arrogance and delusion 🙂

The following list explains why we may find it difficult to communicate with others, and the reason empathy is more skilful than confrontation (and we need not feel bad about any of this because, at any moment, realisation can occur):

  • Direct recognition of ultimate truth.

  • Direct recognition through meditation.

  • Meditation gradually revealing direct recognition.

  • Meditation just to feel peaceful and calm.

  • The need to be convinced through study, reason and discipline.

  • The speculations of philosophers and theorists.

  • The readers of the speculations of those philosophers and theorists.

  • Mundane, materialistic existence.

No one answer fits all, and this is why we need empathetic compassion when dealing with others.

Well, there is one answer, but it’s a sort of a MacGuffin 🙂 (a term coined by Alfred Hitchcock: something that serves to keep the plot in motion despite usually lacking importance to others).

In this case, the MacGuffin is the direct recognition of pure consciousness. It’s something we don’t talk about, but it’s present in every scene in our lives.

Connecting with something immediately and feeling at home with it could be due to previous incarnations … but that depends on where we are on the list 😀 😀 😀 – and what sort of sound we make with our words!

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