What Is Dzogchen?

‘Dzogchen’ is a Tibetan word for natural, pure consciousness.
What is the practice of Dzogchen? To realise it.
How? Drop any meditation.
Why? Dzogchen is what we already are. And it isn’t a practice.
We are Dzogchen. The ultimate truth is that we are what we seek.
Dzogchen is that simple.

To make a great fuss over it turns it into a mystery. If that’s what people want, it’s what people get. We like the sound of the exotic as we believe it will remove us from the collective, and this is the great mistake. All sentient beings are pure consciousness; when we truly realise this, our life changes for one of empathy, rather than being consumed by how clever we are, or how happy we are.

In pure consciousness, there is no self image to hold on to, as there is nothing to refer to.

Dzogchen (pure consciousness) is non-dual awareness. Non-duality means not two; there is nothing to relate to in either physical or mental phenomena – or meditation. Any teaching of Dzogchen that assumes superiority is the dark version.

Dzogchen is beyond words,
so there is no Dzogchen.

Dzogchen is reflected in everything we see.
Appearances and recognition are simultaneous.

Our eyes see, but we cannot see our eyes.
In the same way, we are consciousness and therefore, we cannot find consciousness.

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