Meditation Only Spoils It

Meditation is a method to bring the mind to stillness for the clarity of awareness to be acknowledged though mindfulness.

It is in relating to this experience, however, that we end up in a constant duality – “Is this it, or not?” It doesn’t matter whether the mind thinks, “Is this it, or not?”, ever-present, pure awareness has no conclusions, as that would only spoil it; ‘it’ is non-duality – clear seeing.

Meditation is mind-awareness.
Mindfulness is experience-awareness.
Non-meditation is consciousness-awareness.

The boat is meditation.
The oars are mindfulness.
The destination is non-duality.

Once we reach the shore of non-duality,
remaining in the boat with the oars becomes pointless,
and spoils the realisation
that we never left the destination.

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  1. Marcel says:

    It doesn’t matter whether the mind thinks, “Is this it, or not?” A good laugh to wake up the weekend. All good .. 🙂

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