We Don’t Understand Our Own Psychology

If we don’t know our own psychology, we won’t know what is happening to us.

We’re easily bored; that boredom is created by confusion, and sends us to sleep. We may look awake, but we are in an hypnotic state, where we are highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Hypnosis uses continuous droning to induce a state of boredom and sleep = sleep talking 😉

All the world is unconsciously brainwashed by memes – influential ideas placed in our minds that we mimic hypnotically. Mention a name or subject to anyone, and these go straight to memory (programming) and we arrive at sleep talking.

We’ve lost the capacity to see that we can leave, but the problem is, where to go?

There are few who can remind us of our practical, enlightened potential. With history being slowly erased about the suffering we have all been through, nobody will remind us that that suffering is the beginning of our path to enlightenment.

Those who want to put ‘things’ right do so,
so that we don’t consider
putting ourselves right first.

Do you see the art of hypnotic suggestion/deception being played? Our problem is that we don’t know our own psychology, while others do.

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