I Can’t Meditate”

It isn’t the I that meditates.

We need a little intellectual curiosity to understand this. The I is consciousness associating with thoughts and clinging to them, thus creating an I-illusion. We (consciousness) have thoughts, but we aren’t those thoughts. This is the primary mistake we make, and is the reason why we become upset, anxious and confused, and suffer.

We only argue due to the thoughts we have acquired.

Our reality is consciousness. It is consciousness that meditates by dropping the I-fixation on thoughts. This doesn’t mean the thoughts suddenly disappear, but our grip on them loosens and they dissolve, or take a back seat.

In fact, we (consciousness) don’t have to do anything. When consciousness (we) rests in awareness, that is meditation. No physical or mental gymnastics are needed … no paraphernalia, or bells and whistles.

When we are constantly conscious-aware, meditation is constantly taking place.
However, the essence of meditation is when we drop the meditation (the method).
Realising there is nothing else but consciousness is pure consciousness.

So yes, the I cannot meditate.
If the I is meditating, we have a problem …

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