Growing In Confidence

As we realise certain truths about our being, doors close on others’ ‘certainties’, and new doors open. We learn sequentially at an individual level. We do not learn en masse; we can hear en masse, but that doesn’t mean we understand en masse.

There is no one answer,
as answers opens up to more meanings.
Or they should do 🙂

It is not that others’ answers are wrong;
there are different levels of understanding.

Anyone who thinks that the Dharma (the teachings on our reality) can be taught academically is merely a scholar, a schoolchild. If we are talking about our absolute reality, scholarship is futile diligence, but good for the archives.
Scholar: Old English scol(i)ere ‘schoolchild, student’.

“There are many who practise stupidity as meditation 
without having gained clear understanding.
There are many who engage in futile diligence…”

– Patrul Rinpoche 1808 – 1887
Nyingma master of Tibetan Buddhism

When we actually realise our true essence, a person who says we’re wrong will have no effect as we understand where they are coming from, and genuine, compassionate confidence grows without arrogance.

Realisation = the great relief!

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