Consciousness Is Like A Mouse

Consciousness is like a mouse, darting here and there and looking at this and that to find its heart’s desire – but repeatedly getting caught in the same cheesy trap. To a mouse catcher, the mouse’s habits make it easy to catch, but the catcher knows there are plenty more where that came from.

We are like mice behind a glass wall – our eyes – scrambling here and there in muddled confusion, searching non-stop and only coming to rest through exhaustion – or, more usually, in a state of vacancy, staring through a glass darkly!

When consciousness actually realises what it is doing, the busy-business and vacancy just stop, and we recognise what is called completely untainted, pure consciousness, that sees mouse droppings everywhere.😀

There is ordinary consciousness, constantly seeking happiness, and extra-ordinary consciousness which is the happiness. That (not the cheese 🙂 ) is our heart’s desire.
Extraordinary: from Latin extraordinarius,‘outside the normal course of events’.

Don’t keep getting caught by the cheesies!
Cheesy: hackneyed and obviously sentimental; an exaggerated smile, likely to be insincere.

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