Existing In A Sea Of Despair/Samsara

Samsara: the cycle of human existence motivated by hopes and fears and indifference (Sankrit).

In this sea of samsara, we either drift, drown or play. ‘Drifting’ is vacancy, ‘drowning’ is indifference and ‘playing’ is the desire to utilise the three poisons of hope, fear and indifference.

Playing with samsara has two aspects, while remembering that knowledge is neutral. It’s what we do with knowledge that determines the outcome – our outcome. One aspect is to gain control over others, and the other is to gain control over ourselves.

We use the oars of mindfulness to row ourselves to the shore of liberation. Once we arrive at the shore, we need to drop the oars of mindfulness, or we will just be rowing in the sands of intellectualisation, stubbornly grounding ourselves in habitual behaviour without actually knowing our true reality.

Mindfulness is remembering what we are.
Once we remember, we can let go and just be.

Spiritual teachings are like that.

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