Making Distractions The Path

There is no getting away from distractions and disturbances; it’s how we deal with them that matters.

We are the silent stillness of pure consciousness that perceives through the senses in a human form; we can therefore focus on human activities and, at the same time, realise our true essence. Like a mirror and its reflection, appearances and recognition are simultaneous – without preferences.

If we choose our battles wisely, we are selective when it comes to getting involved in problems, arguments and confrontations. It is wiser to save our time and effort only for the things that matter, rather than to choose to fight every problem.

We may find ourselves engaging solely in either humanist activities or spiritual pursuits, and therefore having a preference. This is misunderstanding that seeing and the thing seen are one.

Humanism: a rationalist outlook attached to the prime importance of being human rather than divine or supernatural matters. 
Spiritual: attached to the ethereal, rather than material values or pursuits. 

Our essence is the clear light of bliss,
allowing phenomena to be appreciated as impermanent;
recognition of seeing and the thing seen are simultaneous.

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