The Purpose Of Meditation

Meditation is simply being aware of thoughts and emotions that control us, running around in the mind and diverting our attention.

When we become aware of the awareness that is observing these thoughts, this is meditation.
It is, however, a duality; me and the thoughts.

In the moment of recognition, the mind is clear and workable.
When we forget pure consciousness, however, the mind returns to its old routine of being predictable.

How to drop the meditation, and arrive at non-duality?

Once we understand that this awareness has always been present, we realise it’s what we actually are; pure consciousness.
It never changes.
It can never not be pure.

Having realised pure consciousness, thoughts are a reminder that they are being observed.
Pure consciousness and thought are inseparable; that is non-duality.
Appearance and recognition are simultaneous.

Meditation isn’t about having no thoughts.
It’s realising that they are there, gathered from our environment. Gradually, with practice, thought-interference drops away by itself.

Until enlightenment, thought-interruption will plague us, but now it isn’t an enemy; it’s our teacher.
Poison becomes medicine.

Meditation is simply being aware of thoughts disturbing our mind. These thoughts are our persona which masks a parasite that relies on consciousness’s lack of awareness (and this world is an expert at creating personas 🙂 ) We are responsible for our thoughts when they no longer add to our persona.

There is no observer,
merely observation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As you can see, this has nothing to do with religion, but religion can be a way in.


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