Challenging The Narrative In The Mind

As long as we adhere to the heap of ideas in the mind, we will never be able to think or see clearly. This heap of ideas consists of vague memories and bits of information that colour everything we now think, and it’s the reason why we react in the way we do.

The starting point of meditation is to become aware of the habitual calculations and reactions going on in our mind. It’s not a matter of stopping these; that merely heaps up more resistance. We have to see what we are doing, all the time. It’s quite a shock to realise that we’re usually on auto-pilot – we hear/see something, and nouns and adjectives come spewing out of our mouth-tap.

The challenge is merely noting expectation and belief that we will – or should – achieve something.

The narrative is an expectation, a belief.
Meditation is absolutely the opposite to expectation, to belief.

Meditation cuts through beliefs and expectations to just seeing, without referring to memories all the time. We spend our life in recollections which obscure just seeing – pure consciousness – which is our origin, before we adopted the stories, the names, the reverential adherence to form-mould.

Challenging the narrative is challenging our self,
which requires a quiet space for contemplation, without any pressure.

If others challenge us, we go into defence mode;
that is the test – and our teacher.

Meditation: the great uncoupling.
When we look back at the story we carried around,
it’s quite embarrassing!

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