Mere Information Separates Us

Mere information separates us.
Unbiased experience doesn’t.

Information is merely theory – a belief. Defending theories and beliefs is defending the indefensible because they haven’t been proven yet.

Theory: an idea used to account for a situation or justify a course of action.

Invent a theory that is unproven, and a belief system follows. If we want to create confusion, we just invent a theory by first creating a cause, and then an effect follows. Once we become steeped in belief, we may experience all sorts of temporary euphoria resulting in disturbing emotions, which we then try and defend.

Genuine experience is knowing, without doubt; that gives rise to true confidence, and doesn’t cause temporary euphoria resulting in disturbing emotions. 🙂 Genuine experience is able to explain, in plausible terms, the causes of abnormal behaviour. Seeing and understanding the common factors in both those who believe something and those who don’t, compassion arises ie one has compassion for those who claim to be happy as this is usually a temporary happiness, and empathy with those who are in doubt.

Who defines truth?

There is no truth that can be defined. Truth is beyond mere words. Truth is that which perceives without comments. It is not just consciousness; it is pure consciousness. It’s what we are. Pure consciousness is inconceivable because pure consciousness is not capable of being imagined or grasped mentally; unbelievable.

Saying all this, it’s still a frustrating world,
and frustration can result in futile diligence.

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