Accept everyone exactly the way they are

Accepting everyone exactly the way they are
is compassion: we are merely an exaggeration
of our true nature and uniqueness.

Wouldn’t we all liked to be accepted exactly
how we are, with our temporary relative attributes
and ultimate potential of Buddhahood? Of course
this doesn’t mean that we accept ego’s games
as being the whole story.

We come from different places, far and near.
Before Earth, we could have come from anywhere.
Outside the body, there are no limits, but most of
us are unaware while in that state, being driven by our
karmic propensities.

 Because we are sentient beings and not enlightened,
at birth we forget all previous infinite existences.

 And so, we have been educated into one of many
different cultures, believing we are these, when all along
there is something unique under the surface.

If we are honest, we get on with very few people.
In our relative existence, while talking to others
we rarely ever see eye to eye.
In silence, however, we do…interesting, that!

It is said there are 84,000 different types of beings,
which are varying combination of Klesa: these are
the disturbing emotions, which all stem from one
– ignorance of our true nature.

 Because of this ignorance, we create hope and fear.
Through this we cling to others who display similar traits, and
therefore cover up any uneasy feeling about this basic ignorance.
To be honest, we hardly ever find anyone with whom we can communicate.
We just join in!

 All we can do is be ourselves. The absolute in the relative.
We do not have to join a group in order to be where it’s at.
Just be content being you, and you will be where it’s at!

 As C. S. Lewis said, get on with what you are supposed to be doing.
Like attracts like, and maybe a group will form…and maybe not.
It doesn’t matter.
We just have to accept our karma, and karma of others, exactly the way it is.

 In that confidence we can accept everyone else,
exactly the way they are…unconditionally.

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