All We Need To Know
is Knowing Awareness

There are two aspects to knowing awareness –
knowing of awareness, and knowing-awareness itself.
This is the difference between Alaya-vijnana and Rigpa.
They are very close.
Knowing of awareness; there is still an “I” present.
Knowing-awareness itself; there is no “I”.

Knowing-awareness itself is Dzogchen, the Great Perfection.
You are Dzogchen.

Just as the five senses merely perceive without concepts,
so the nature of mind – knowing awareness itself –
merely perceives without concepts.

When knowing-awareness becomes attracted to an object, it forgets itself and enters not-knowing- awareness. We become enslaved by concepts in the mind. These concepts then become an filter of habitual ideas: distracted knowing-awareness creates a personality that believes this self identity to be more real than the knowing-awareness itself. This is the constant rebirth of an “I”. And it’s so simple, we do it every moment…and so we believe we suffer… Just as the illusion of a personality has no true existence, neither does our perceived suffering. If we believe, we believe that we suffer.

At every moment,
we have a choice to maintain an “I” or to maintain knowing-awareness.

We constantly ignore,
because of our personal beliefs.

That’s all we need to know!

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