Why We Should Meditate For Our Selves

The Meditation Scientist

Scientists and meditators use the same instrument: the microscope. For a scientist, this is a physical object, and for a meditator, it is the nature of mind looking at the mind itself; both involve looking closely. We are looking for contaminates on a perfectly clear surface. The more unbiased the awareness, the clearer the view and more that is seen. Even the clear glass (the 8th consciousness) has a contaminant that has to be removed. This is the contaminate of the “I”, the observer: once dissolved, pure awareness manifests. No designated observer.

If we just rely on books and hearsay, we may miss the unique opportunity of actually recognising the truth.

It is said that a Buddha manifests a hundred thousand emanations. I’ve wondered for years about this…

Q. Where are they?
A. Perhaps they are the ones looking into the microscope…

We only have to looking for ourselves…to find nothing!

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