The Purpose Of Meditation

Being mindful of wandering mind.
Meditation demons lie in ambush to distract.
These demons are the mind’s attractions, aversions and past experiences.

The essence of mind is pure awareness,
untouched by impurities.
This essence is free from dualistic comparisons.

There is no buddha elsewhere but the nature of our own mind.
There is nothing else to search for.
The outcome is spontaneous presence of non-meditation.

Be what is,
at rest and at ease.

However, momentary uneasiness can occur
when we suddenly see things slightly differently
to that explained.

Let go and go through exactly the same process.
Everything stays the same but perception refines.
The uneasiness is a natural conflict of past and present.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    “The outcome is spontaneous presence of non-meditation.”
    Once I understood this and was aware….I no longer felt like was doing something wrong, or missing something, when I attempt to meditate and only seemed to not be able to focus awareness on anything for more than few seconds at a time ! Although I knew even if wasn’t getting results that I thought or expected I should…I knew the breathing was working and calming my soul regardless, something was happening on the inside .
    Deep thoughts…..EGO needs to be focused on here and now ,and defined for all to move higher in knowledge and understanding . What God has shown me is that EGO is the “Eternal Gods Omnipresence”…but you must fully understand exactly what “eternal” and “omnipresence” truly actually mean.
    Second thing is we are looking at 2 specific-kali..LOL… different types of ego that most have confused and condemned as 1 single ego.
    There is the flesh man earthly survival instinct EGO…..and there is the spiritual holy spirit living inside you EGO !
    The earthly man EGO needs to be tamed,educated, and enlightened by the spirit EGO in order to function properly and be emotionally and spiritually balanced and stable while we are in our human body !
    It really is pretty simple and easy to understand once it is explained like this !

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