Recognising Non-duality, Unlimited Compassion And Shunyata


Be aware of awareness, and do not modify.
In the moment of pure recognition, there is nothing else;
it is therefore non-dual.
If there is nothing else, that is emptiness; shunyata.
This is absolute reality.

Resting in non-dual emptiness, anything that then arises or appears
is a temporary confusion that is recognised as such,
and because we do not modify but merely allow it to be,
that is unlimited compassion.

So what’s the problem?

The moment awareness wants to relate to itself, to see how it is, a duality is created.
This ‘relating’ is called relative truth, and is a mistaken view.
The mirror is claiming its reflection, which is an confusion in emptiness.

OK, let’s be practical!

Non-dual emptiness – our absolute nature – is eternally present.
Unfortunately, it is immediately covered by mental imprints from our karmic load.
It’s a habit; a very strong and complex habit.
This modifies everything we (pure awareness) see, and causes doubt to arise.

In relative reality, we need to doubt.
In absolute reality, there is no doubt.

Our true nature is simple.
Our karma is complex.

Relatively, our minds become bored so we look for interest.
We become addicted to excessive activity
because the search is continually frustrating as it’s never complete.

Absolute mind is of no interest what-so-ever,
save for unlimited compassion for the mistaken view of relative mind.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Not too loose, Not too tight, Just right–ousness !

  2. marcel says:

    “So what’s the problem?”

    No problem at all.. To consider the three together makes perfect sense. Emptiness without non-duality is not empty. Infinite compassion without emptiness is conditional compassion. Non-duality without infinite compassion is duality. Considering the three separately always felt somewhat unsatisfying. Non-duality and emptiness manifest as a consequence of a welcoming heart as big as the universe. Sacred space.

  3. marcel says:

    Eureka! The path of the indestructable diamond…
    Indestructable. Beyond life and death; Beyond good and bad; Beyond time..
    Love drives the universe..
    Now let’s get back to basic buddhist teachings.
    The experience of pure awareness is very different as the recognition of the Logos..
    Where to start and to get in the proper mindset? Shamatha? Vipannisha?

  4. tony says:

    Hello Marcel,
    You have just answered your own question
    … proper mindset, Shamata, Vipassana!
    In other words relaxed awareness.
    In other words relaxed (not too tight) and aware (not too loose).
    😀 😀 😀


  5. tony says:

    Can we be more relaxed when we’re not meditating? The answer is, “Yes!”.

    Meditation is a little bootcamp to train the mind from wandering and being dull, but we can find that this requires effort – and that’s exactly what it is. Disciplining the mind.

    But we may also find that when we stop meditating, we feel relaxed and relieved! That is the result of meditation; we have just given up and let go. It is now that we can rest in non-meditation. It’s easy to acquire the theory, but it only becomes meaningful when it’s put in to practice, and we experience the obstacles to meditation and actually see our fixated ideas.

    We may even feel that, when we meditate, it gets worse. This is because we are noticing more. The thoughts and endeavours are superficial; that which is seeing all this is effortless awareness. That’s what it’s all about.

    Effortless awareness is being not too tight and not too loose. ‘Effortless’ means totally relaxed – not too tight – and ‘awareness’ is not too loose. This is why is it said to be important to ‘break the meditation’ so that we are neither putting in too much effort nor becoming dreamy.

    We don’t become realised by meditating. We become realised by breaking the meditation. This is the understanding the two truths, and it provides us with a foundation for practising in daily life, when we have to oscillate between stillness and activity.


  6. marcel says:

    “We may even feel that, when we meditate, it gets worse. This is because we are noticing more.”

    Yes true 🙂 And this noticing more, this cutting through the chain reaction of karma, doesn’t take place in a social vacuum. A lot of things simply change. I don’t say you become a different person for your environment, but there is obviously a transition taken place.

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