Light In The Dark and Dark In The Light

What is light for some is dark for others.
What is dark for some is light for others.

This isn’t just playing with words; we’re talking about levels of understanding.

In the first case – what is light for some is dark for others – we don’t want to be reminded that we have real potential for more clarity: negative feelings both arise and are created when we are reminded, as we now have to make some effort. Incidentally, there is recognition in this situation, but it is quickly covered up.

In the second case – what is dark for some is light for others – those very same dark, negative feelings are revealed as the wisdom of clear light where no effort is needed by the very fact that these negative feelings remind us, and therefore recognition has taken place spontaneously.

If we pretend to be pure – fake it – this only results in pious feelings, where we are constantly embarrassed and self conscious: this has a negative effect on us. We just have to be honest with ourselves. Take, for example, the feeling “I don’t like that person!”: here, there is ‘something’ we have seen that gives rise to hatred, or darkness. That ‘something’ is not the point: it is the seeing that is the point. That is the light. In the very first instant, something wonky (not straight) is perceived. It’s a fact – there is a disturbance in emptiness 😀

But, apparently without us noticing, judgement has set in, and we are reacting. We do actually notice, which is why we feel uncomfortable, and try to conceal or disguise by creating a facade: it’s a defence mechanism. We all protect ourselves like this, and that’s how we got here!

Everyone sees things differently, but the actual seeing, awareness, consciousness is the same in all of us. It is the interpretation and judgement that are different and personal, and this is how we create our own world.

Unfortunately, we seek out others who feel the same way, and we form groups to consolidate our ideologies. These groups form groups. This can infect a whole area, becoming a culture, a religion, a political party … a country … a continent … a whole planet!

Did collective consciousness – impure consciousness – create the earth? Are we Schrodinger’s Cat, having all possibilities? Tibetan Buddhism says that we chose our parents, by seeing them in union and being attracted to either the male or female. Even before that, we chose the continent, and possibly the planet Earth out of all the other realms: the Tibetan Book Of The Dead goes into great detail. Whether this is true or not, we do cling and are repulsed, and there is a reason for this. We are driven by our karma – our habitual tendencies. We can have the very same interests as others, but because of our tendencies, still be worlds apart: so close, but so far away.

One person’s light is another’s dark
one person’s dark is another’s light.
Isn’t it like that?

We all love, but don’t notice it.

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