Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya And Nirmanakaya?


Dharmakaya:     finding nothing – emptiness.
Sambhogakaya: awareness of finding nothing – the brightness of clarity.
Nirmanakaya:    the inseparability of the two – clear light – unconfined compassion.

Why is this compassion? Because we now know the nature of absolute reality, and that which prevents the realisation of this.

We lack compassion simply because we forget the emptiness of clarity of our being, which then allows concepts to fixate and cloud our minds. It is because we obsess about our concepts that hope and fear are created.. The result is a miserable world that we maintain, which makes genuine compassion challenging.

The outcome of realisation is confident joy … but also, sadness as we realise that beings have to find their own way, in their own time. We can help to show the way, pointing out the obstacles.

Gently does it.

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  1. tony says:

    The point is to look out for unwanted or intentional distractions, anything that prevents us from remaining what we truly are. Some people feel uncomfortable around those who are waking up, it reminds them of something they should be doing!

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