The World Is Getting Better …

When we meditate, it seems as though our thoughts are getting worse. We are getting worse! But what’s actually happening is that we are noticing more: we’re seeing what is going on. Although we are constantly trying to cover up our defects, the light of clarity is witness to this. That is the purpose of meditation.

Likewise, with the terrible things that are happening in the world, it seems to be getting worse. Human beings have been exploited and abused for thousands of years by those in power, but now, it’s right in front of our faces. It cannot be ignored: due to the ease of communication, this – and what is behind it – is clearly seen. There is nowhere to hide, even though those in power constantly try to deflect our attention. Being told, “Move along – there’s nothing to see here” doesn’t work any more 🙂 They don’t see that we see! We no longer trust them. It’s glaringly obvious that it will all fall apart.

Clarity is light. Where there are the darkest shadows, there is the brightest light.

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