Our Inner Core Of Unease

Due to subtle trauma experienced in the past, I worry about everything, and that has left a residue of memories not only in the mind, but also in the subtle body. It didn’t matter that I meditated, studied and reflected; there was still an internal unease – a coding.

We can witness this unease in others. Even though they may appear to be pleasant people, there are always giveaways, reactions, projections, deflections and withdrawals. It’s not what people say or how they appear to be that matters; it’s how they are. This isn’t a criticism – it’s how we all behave. We need a subtle mind to deal with subtle problems.

What is this subtle body?

The subtle body is the inner, neurotransmitter system of energies, channels and winds. If these energies, channels and winds are unbalanced, blocked or out of place, we feel uneasy. It’s here that reactions and emotions come in to play, stirring us up even more and pushing us close to the edge. This is very important when we view our daily lives, and consider how ideas and feelings are collect and stored. If extreme, this will create stress or depression and affect our immune system *, and we can become dis-eased.

It doesn’t matter how clever we are, our feeling of being grounded is all about the coding in our subtle, internal system. The display or expression of our coding will have an effect on others. If we are at ease with ourselves, then others will notice this, and also be at ease. Light radiates. Unfortunately, darkness is also catching.

We can observe a feeling, anxiety or tension somewhere in the body. Just meeting certain people – or even hearing a name – can make us tighten up, causing us to be tense or alert. This effect may be due either to them and their inner system, or to our vulnerability.

So now we decide to relax and meditate, but maybe it’s not really working. Because of our coding, we can observe our habitual patterns of trying too hard or a experiencing feeling of pointlessness. There is a seemingly set position of anxiety in our lives, but this can be reduced by lowering the ‘inner wind’ that rises from the navel area. We may feel a tension, or discomfort in the head, neck, throat, heart or gut … for me, I just have to bring to mind certain ‘spiritual’ people I’ve known and up goes the mercury! 😀

How to feel better.

All we have do is be aware of that tension. Do it now. Take a gentle breath down – physically and mentally – to three finger width below the navel (I find that the muscles there tense slightly). This is like grounded Chi. Hold that breath for 6-9 seconds and release, while retaining a memory of breath in that area. Try this for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. See how it feels. The practice is not a big deal but has a gentle, lasting effect.

This is where genuine change takes place, and we start being the real person that we are. Instead of living on our nerves with our eyes out on stalks, projecting onto everything that appears, we rest back in a proper Chi stance.

It has been shown that a truly positive attitude or mood has an effect on the functioning of our immune system in response to stimuli. If that is indeed true, it could mean that consuming ‘junk’ food and watching a lot of distasteful and disturbing material could have a detrimental effect on our mind and body.


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