There Is No Spiritual Mystery
There never was.

A ‘mystery’ occurs to a confused mind when it assumes that it does not know. Confusion arises when our mind is full of concepts and assumptions: these concepts and assumptions obscure pure consciousness, and thus, mystery is created.

Simply put, that which sees the mystery is the obvious, natural, clear light of pure consciousness.

If we fixate on texts, we will remain in a dualistic state of ‘me’ and ‘the teaching’.
There will be no end to arrogance.
Let go of study to resolve the mystery.

If we identify with a deity, this too is dualistic, having a subject and an object.
There will be no end to feeling worthless and guilty.Let go of devotion to resolve the mystery.

If we sit for hours in stillness meditation, that is still a duality of ‘me’ and ‘the stillness’.
There will be no end to the oblivion.
Let go of meditation to resolve the mystery.

We are using study, deity and meditation as antidotes for our misery: the misery will return, however, as antidotes are only a temporary release. We have to recognise or resolve that pure consciousness is right here, right now.

Once we have resolved the reality of pure consciousness … job done! All that is then needed is to remember: remembrance will then influence everything we do, purifying karma, and making our life simpler.

All religions have a formal, exoteric side intended for the general public.

All religions also have an esoteric side – the mysterious, occult, hidden, secret, mystic, magical,  cabbalistic side, intended for the few.
There is no need to make a mystery out of spirituality.

The pointing out instruction of Dzogchen can dissolve all mysteries from the start. We are pure consciousness. There is only pure consciousness. That is the mystery – which is not a mystery, when realised. It is that which is recognising, right here, right now! There is nothing more advanced than that.

We all fall into the trap of thinking that we don’t do enough spiritual practice when, in actuality there is nothing to do but be aware. Effortlessly aware.

There are fixations in the mind, but by understanding and realising pure consciousness, they are softened and therefore resolved. We can have a fulfilling and happy life and death, without doubts hanging over us. It just takes practice of becoming familiar with our true reality.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Effortlessly aware pure consciousness

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