The Truth Is Not What Is Written
The truth is in that which is reading what is written

Becoming scholarly and book learnt in worldly or spiritual affairs, we become sophisticated, proud and even narcissistic, acquiring an unconscious self-centredness arising from a failure to distinguish consciousness from external objects. We develop a grandiose view of our own talents and crave admiration. It’s what we are taught to do and, in fact, we lose the rawness of experience which has no grandiose ideas.

The Buddha’s teachings are logical and reasonable as they followstrict principles of validation. Being kind to ourselves for misunderstanding is precisely how we ascend the levels. We all want to get to the ‘good bit’, when in fact we are the ‘good bit’.

Is it all about me, or is it all about what is before and beyond me? When we realise what we have been doing, it really hurts; this is understandable. This very recognition is realisation, self-realisation, the self-knowing dharmakaya.

Simply let experience take place very freely,
so that your open heart is suffused with
the tenderness of true compassion.”
Tsoknyi Rinpoche III

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