Recognise That You Recognise
Recognise and become

You are the hero you seek. The Buddha, our teachers, books may all say wonderfully profound things, but what is important is that you‘get it’. You ‘get it’ because you recognise the truth. You can only recognise if you have already known the truth, but forgot. And the truth is that our essential nature is the absolute truth. It is the truth that sets us free from beliefs, assumptions and suggestions.

We are pure consciousness. That is why we can recognise and realise. There is absolutely no difference between you, your teacher the Buddha, Jesus, Krishna … or the cat … We are all pure consciousness, but are just heavily ladened – more or less – and we belittle our true reality.

It is our ideas that separate us from this absolute truth. Absolute truth is like a mirror; it just reflects. That is all it does. Being in a body, we have to maintain it in good health. Having a mind, this too has to be kept in good health. Because we belittle ourselves, we became attracted to the reflection in the mirror (our ideas), and so forgot our true reality through wheeling and dealing.

Truth is always the truth. It can never change. That which changes is the waywe view, from perception and judgement, to pure perception of consciousness. To do this, we need to sit quietly and cognise that we re-cognise (recognise = to know again!). Enlightenment is to know continually what we are, and what we have always been.

If we ignore this reality, we remain in chaos, confusion and suffering. What are we waiting for? Something better? Something more authentic? Something more organised? Something more religious? Someone to tell us what to do?

The Buddha saw that everyone has the same Buddha nature.

The Buddha’s teachings are about being ordinary:
no special or distinctive features.
Commonplace to all.
Ordinary is normal, not different in any way.

Buddha-nature isn’t special,
as everyone is Buddha nature.

It’s no big deal.
(to deal – to divide up).

If we make Buddha nature – which is emptiness – into something special,
we miss the whole point!

What are we waiting for? The second coming?
We are the second coming!
We recognise and become!

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