Our Conduct Must Match Our Realisation

Our conduct must match our realisation,
otherwise we will become arrogant.

Realisation is a “piece of cake”
(so easy that we don’t have to think about it),
while taming our mind and our conduct
is something we have to watch at every moment.

Realisation is the experience of pure consciousness. That’s easy enough: it is that which is reading these words right now, without comment. A milli-moment later, in comes old brain – old, traumatised brain – and starts its old routine. And there’s our problem.

Our conduct should one of be altruism and emptiness, without causing harm = empathetic compassion.

The writer of these words tries to clarify and understand our human problems through practice and conduct. However, Tony (old brain) is a very angry person, full of trauma and frustrations.

It’s the thing we have to work with
because it is our teacher.
When we see the problem, we see clearly,
and bring about inner peace.

Only then can we empathise with others.
As we progress our manner refines.

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