Are We Just Treading Water?
Making no real progress.

We may do and say the right things, but has there been any real, enlightening change in life? We may go through the right routines, but are we just tread ingwater?

We are all in danger of sustaining diligent indifference that separates us, and it’s when this starts to feel uncomfortable that we need to move up a level. Nice words are okay, but if they become a habit, they may lose their true meaning and then may create irritation – but still, we blindly persist. šŸ˜€

At this time, we need to look more closely at what those words actually mean. It is said that there are nine levels, each using the same words but with different meanings. That which we consider our enemy at one level – a negative emotion ā€“ is our teacher at another. And, at yet another level, it is our precise path to enlightenment.

Is compassion just a nice idea, or a way of life?
Is it a way of life or is it our teacher?
Or is it our active path to enlightenment?

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